Our services

We are human resource and technology executives providing HR recruiting and HR tech consulting services. When we provide services we:

  • Adopt your culture
  • Align with your objectives
  • Build lasting partnerships
Talent Acquisition

We deliver hard-to-find candidates to your inbox

Staff Augmentation

We enhance and grow your teams in periods of increased need

HR Technology Strategy

We help you build or buy an HR platform that meets your needs.

HR Automation

We help you automate routine HR tasks so that you can focus on enhancing and supporting your workforce

M&A Diligence

We assist with M&A diligence for HR Tech-focused companies

Recruiting Process Improvement

We leverage our HR and technology expertise to improve your talent acquisition processes

Our People, Your Team

Our team of HR Recruiting and HR Tech experts are ready to go to work for you.

Working with Us

At the core of all our services is a focus on building lasting relationships with you and your team. We believe this is the key to delivering results that enhance and endure.

"The people at HR Tech Execs took the time to understand me and my business. They deliver on their promises and they helped me deliver results that matter."

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